Plaster walls are unusual in homes that are newly built. However, if you are residing in an old house, there might be parts of your walls that are made of plaster and lath. To create plaster walls, the plaster will be smeared wet to a wooden lath wall and allow it to harden. Basically, the major enemy of a plaster wall is water. The damage that water makes to plaster walls greatly relies on the amount of water. 

A small amount of water, like wet clothing part, rubbed against the wall or even a splash, is usually cannot greatly harm a plaster wall. Once the water is minimal, you have to immediately wipe off the wall for it to remain intact and solid. As soon as you accidentally spill minimal water on your wall, utilize a dry cloth so that the water will penetrate it and wipe off the wall dry. Dry it afterward using a fan.   

Large amount  

A great amount of water can immediately loosen and soften the plaster, particularly once you fail to treat it right away. After leaks, this kind of damage is typical particularly once the plaster is in the basement of your property and rainwater flows toward your wall’s interior. As time passes by, the moisture would start to mold. This will eventually affect a home’s air quality. The longer the water pools on your wall plaster, the more damage it could give off.  


Though water could result in damage by loosening the plaster, the issue might be even more serious inside your walls. Once your walls are saturated with water, the plaster’s wooden lath will soak up water, making it expand. While this happens, it pushes outward, making the wall to weaken and crack. In this case, you will be needing to replace your wall. 

Replacing wall 

The greatest thing to do if you encounter water-damaged plaster is to remove the walls using pry bars and remodel the wall in contemporary drywall unless you prefer to place it in a new plaster wall. As you tear out the wall, make sure to ventilate the room and wear a dust mask. The plasters might’ve been applied with lead paint. Lead paint can actually pose risks to anyone’s health except if you wear the appropriate protective tools and equipment needed for the job.  

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